10 Early Warning Signs of Cancer in Dogs


Cancer can afflict dogs of all ages, especially older dogs. All folks at Fetch Specialty & Cancer Veterinary Centers’ skills devastating it are often to urge a diagnosis of cancer in your dog. However, a bit like humans, cancers your dog may have that are caught early are treatable and sometimes cured.

Cancer means unrestrained cellular division and growth. Normally, cellular division is tightly regulated. When one cell undergoes a series of genetic mutations, cancer may arise, causing cellular division to become unregulated, leading to a tumor.

While symptoms of canine cancer vary, please remember a lump or a bump on your dog, a wound that doesn’t heal any swelling or enlarged lymph nodes, lameness or swelling within the bone, or abnormal bleeding. repeatedly there are little or no signs, a minimum of early. Please contact your family veterinarian if you notice any of those symptoms in your dog or if your dog “just isn’t quite right”.

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10 Early Warning Signs of Dog Cancer