Types of Yoga Asanas and Their Health Benefits


Bridge Pose

You have probably seen this pose in various images, as it is very popular in yoga.

  • Lie on your back and bend your knees.
  • Place your feet hip-width apart. Wrap your hands around your ankles and lift your pelvis up.
  • Hold in the top position. Hands can support the body in the lumbar region or lay them on the floor with fingers crossed.
  • Don’t tuck your chin against your chest, leaving some space and stretching your neck. 

Half King Pisces Pose

If you feel like you need a deeper twist, this pose is for you. This asana is named after the lord of fish – Matsyendra. In this position, you can twist your spine as deeply as possible.

While sitting, bend your right leg and place your heel under the crotch. Place your bent left leg on the outside of your right thigh. Turn the body to the left, place your left hand behind your back, and with your right elbow push off from your left hip, thus twisting the spine.

Take 5 calm breaths and then repeat the asana in a different direction.

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30 Types of Yoga Asanas and Their Health Benefits